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Railway transport

transport kolejowy

Transport of containers by rail. The constantly growing industrial production, the increase in the supply of services and the mobility of societies imply the need for the development of the transport system. The container transport mentioned in the articles on this website could not do nowadays without another service, which is rail transport.

Trains transport an increasing percentage of the total turnover in logistics. This is because of the economics of this type of transport, its reliability, and - which is also very important - environmental friendliness.

Another significant advantage of rail transport is the obvious fact that large batches of containers can be transported much easier on this road. Shuttle container trains leave, for example, the container terminal in Gdynia and go deep into Poland or to the south of Europe, along the route of the 6th Pan-European North-South Transport Corridor.

A popular service is multimodal transport, which allows - in order to optimize transport, to use many different means of transport: sea transport, land transport, air transport or the aforementioned rail transport. Such a solution is becoming more and more popular, what is more often supported by the policy of the European Union.

The obvious, often elusive fact that the train can only reach where the railroad tracks reach is an additional argument in favor of combined transport, which has been developed for years. Many so-called dry ports, to which goods arrive from other places: sea ports or land transport hubs, and from there they are transferred to other means of transport, e.g. other trains or trucks. Such a terminal is located, for example, in the Silesian Sławków.

transport kolejowy, załadunekRail transport and its development can be seen very clearly in comparison with the development of container terminals. The rapid construction and success of DTC - Deepwater Container Terminal in Gdańsk made it necessary to expand the logistics facilities. Not only warehouses, container and other container services, offices and roads, but also railway lines and sidings. The continuous shortage of railway infrastructure in this place causes considerable perturbations and this shortage will have to be quickly made up for, so that the Gdańsk port and the aforementioned container terminal can continue to develop rapidly and function efficiently in the TSL industry based on rail transport.