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Maritime transport

sea ​​transport, containersOur company specializes in container freight forwarding goods and operates as a customs agency servicing one of the largest Baltic ports. That is why one of our main specializations is the organization of sea transport in Gdańsk and Gdynia, aimed at safe and timely transport of goods from the sender's seat to the addressee's own hands. In addition, we provide complete logistics services for the project. We deal with customs as well as terminal and port formalities. Thanks to the experience we have gained over the years of presence in the industry, we have developed a system that best meets the needs and high requirements of our customers. Therefore, we offer door-to-door services.


What is door-to-door sea transport?

Door-to-door is a comprehensive transport service. In the case of maritime transport, this means de facto international or intercontinental multimodal transport, requiring the use of at least two methods of cargo transport. We should remember that the goods loaded on the ship must reach the port earlier. Usually it is road transport, and less often it is expensive air transport.

Customers deciding to use the door-to-door service are provided with:

  • receipt of goods,
  • securing the transport of cargo by rail or trucks,
  • loading of goods onto a ship at one of the terminals we serve (Gdynia or Gdańsk),
  • collection of the parcel at the destination foreign terminal,
  • carriage of cargo from the port to the addressee.

Sea door-to-door transport takes place on the basis of a previously agreed plan and may have the opposite direction than the one presented, i.e. it also includes shipments with goods imported to Poland. The cargo transported by sea is constantly monitored, and customers receive up-to-date information about its condition and stage of the journey.

Types of sea transport

sea ​​transport, containers

Depending on the cargo transported, intercontinental sea transport can take many forms. Various types of ships are used for this purpose, the properties of which allow the transport of goods of a given type (e.g. oversized) or accommodate a large number of individual shipments in the hold. When it comes to transporting large loads, container ships are the most popular. As the name suggests, the transported goods are packed into containers, which are then loaded onto a huge ship.

When maritime transport involves products that are not additionally packaged, ships known as bulk carriers are used. Their holds are filled with unpackaged items. This method of packing means that the ship is able to carry an even larger load. In addition, general cargo is also often used, which are intended for small, single goods packed, for example, in barrels or boxes. On the other hand, liquid chemicals are placed in tankers, and volatile cargoes are carried by gas carriers.

Sea transport of containers

The goods transported both by sea and by any other means of transport should be well secured, thanks to which they are safe while traveling. Containers are the most appropriate protection for maritime transport. The sea transport of containers is especially practical for large deliveries or bulky loads that have to travel a long way. Although it is not one of the fastest, one of the advantages of sea transport in this form is its low price. The advantage of container ships over non-sea means of transport is that they are very spacious and can hold huge amounts of goods during a single voyage. Therefore, the sea transport of containers is very often used for large-scale trade.

sea ​​transport, containers

In the case of sea freight, the main ports where we send and receive customer goods are in Gdańsk and Gdynia.

The scope of sea transport services offered by our company includes, among others:

  • selection of the container in terms of purpose and parameters,
  • determining a detailed plan for possible reloading in order to efficiently perform the service,
  • full insurance of the transported goods,
  • keeping transport documentation,
  • handling customs clearance in all procedures,
  • handing over the transported load to the recipient's own hands.


Sea transport supported by our own customs agency

Our logistic and forwarding services are supported by our own customs agency, which was opened in 2000. Thanks to this, we can offer you export, transit and import clearance in simplified and fiscal procedures. All customs matters are handled by our customs agents. Their knowledge enables the organization of sea transport in a fast, safe and legal manner.

If you have any questions regarding sea, land, air transport or the rest of our offer, please do not hesitate to contact us. As needed, we will provide you with all necessary information.