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Container forwarding

Statek z kontenerami Ship with containers Container forwarding is one of the most common methods of international cargo transportation. It is a safe and profitable way to transport various types of goods. Container forwarding takes place primarily by sea, in the terminal-terminal relationship, but also by land, where it is a door-to-door service.

Helena Transport-Spedycja specializes in in container shipping, especially sea shipping from the ports of Gdynia and Gdańsk. We organize the entire transport process, including the preparation of all documentation and completion of formalities related to the international trade of goods.

As part of container forwarding services, we provide:

  • assistance in choosing the type and size of containers,
  • determination of the container transport route optimal in terms of time and costs,
  • booking a place for a container on a ship or in a freight train,
  • securing loading, unloading and reloading of goods along the entire shipping route of the container,
  • handling customs clearance and other formalities related to international trade in goods.

During the execution of the container forwarding order, we supervise its every stage, and we monitor the transport route of the goods on an ongoing basis. For this purpose, we have sets equipped with satellite tracking systems. Moreover, we make every effort to ensure that the transported cargo is completely safe throughout the entire route, from the moment of sending to the moment of collecting the container cargo by the addressee. The use of containers for sea and land forwarding is our everyday life.

Container Freight Forwarding - A Cost Effective Way Of International Transportation

In the case of international and intercontinental long-distance transport and multimodal transport (transport of goods using two or more modes of transport), container shipping is a more advantageous method of transport than, for example, standard transport of goods by truck. Selecting it in such cases means shorter time and lower transport costs. By choosing the forwarding services provided by our company, you can send your cargo in containers to any place in Europe and far beyond the Old Continent. Container forwarding is, for example, very often used in the case of goods exchange with China.


spedycja kontenerówA safe way to transport a variety of goods

The shipping of containers also guarantees the safety of the transported goods, because the goods in the container are adequately protected, for example, against damage or moisture. Remember that the type and size of containers are selected on the basis of the characteristics intended for cargo transportation. By choosing the right container, you can transport almost everything, including machines, products that require special transport conditions (e.g. constant, low temperature), loose products and liquids.